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TRUTH: Carpet can hold up to ONE POUND of dirt per yard!

Vacuuming won’t always keep your carpet “clean,” but it certainly helps! Even if your carpet “looks” clean, it may not be as clean as you think!

Even the best vacuums cannot remove everything from the carpet, especially if the grime or grit sticks to the actual carpet fibers. It will also not remove bacteria that is lurking in between the carpet fibers and where the carpet meets the padding.

The best way to ensure that your carpet is indeed [[CLEAN]], have it professionally cleaned by us. We use a chemical-free, low moisture process that does NOT require scrubbing (which damages carpet fibers) and it dries quickly leaving no soapy residues behind. (Did you know that soapy residues will cause your carpet to get dirty faster?) Our Citrusolution brightens, freshens, degreases, sanitizes, and protects your carpet!

What Did Your Shoes Bring In?

Did you know that your shoes are probably the dirtiest thing in your house? We aren’t talking just about dirt and mud – we are talking bacteria such as e. coli, fecal matter, strains of bacteria that cause illnesses, and pathogens that cause serious sinus issues and respiratory issues.

If you have small children, think about this for a second. The average baby/toddler puts their hands in their mouths at least 25 times an hour. If there are 400,000+ BAD microbes in the carpet where they play, don’t you think they have an easier chance of getting sick?

One way to avoid this, is to remove your shoes when you come inside. Have a safe place for them that is also out of reach of children (and pets!) This decreases the chance that you track that nasty stuff all through the house!


What Is The Lifespan of Your Carpet?

Did you know that the average lifespan of carpet is 10-12 years?

Sometimes no matter what you do, your carpet will eventually start showing wear and tear, especially in places where there is heavy foot traffic. However, you can increase the lifespan by taking care of the carpet, making is last longer.

Professional carpet cleaning will keep your carpet sanitized, clean, free of allergens and pests, and it will keep the carpet fibers intact. When dirt, grime, or stains sit on carpet fibers for a long period of time, it will break down the fibers, making your carpet matted and dingy. This makes is a lot more difficult to remove stains at this point too!

If you need professional carpet cleaning, we will help you improve and increase the lifespan of your carpet at a very reasonable price. Plus, you only need to deep clean once every 6 to 18 months (depending on how much a space – or upholstery – is used)!

Do You Have Houseplants?

Did you know that orange peels will deter your pets from chewing on the leaves OR digging through the dirt of your houseplants?

All you need are some fresh orange peels! Place the peels at the base of all of your plants AND rub the leaves with the peels. This keeps your pets away from your plants! There are certain smells that animals do not care for, and citrus is one of them. (It will also deter those pesky gnats too!)

AND, guess what? It is [[SAFE]] for both your plants AND pets!  This is the NUMBER ONE reason why we chose CitruSolution to clean carpets, upholstery, and furniture! Not only does it clean, sanitize, and degrease – it does not contain HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

Uses for Orange Peels – Keep Brown Sugar Soft!

What do brown sugar and orange peels have in common? Absolutely NOTHING! BUT, when you place an orange peel inside the bag of brown sugar, guess what happens? NO MORE hardening!

So how does this work?

Brown sugar tends to harden once you open the bag, because each little sugar particle is coated in molasses. The molasses keeps the sugar soft and malleable. When the air meets the molasses, the moisture that has been locked in by the molasses – evaporates! This leaves you with hardened brown sugar!

Toss in a semi-dried orange peel and this keeps the moisture IN. It stores the moisture and will soften the sugar in less than 2 hours.

Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious

What exactly do the phrases “Eco-Friendly” and/or “Environmentally Conscious” mean?

Another term you’ve probably heard is “Earth-Friendly.” This is literally what it means. All of these terms refer to products that are safe for the entire environment (The Earth, animals, air, and natural resources a.k.a energy or resource conservation).

CitruSolution uses naturally occurring citrus oils from orange peels that have been extracted using a process that does not emit harmful chemicals. When we clean your carpets, our process also involves less water to conserve one of our most valuable natural resources. (This also allows your carpet to dry much faster than other carpet cleaning processes).

What is D-Limonene?

D-Limonene is a hydrocarbon that is naturally occurring in the rinds of citrus fruits, particularly oranges. It can also be found in grapefruits, lemons, and limes. This terpene is actually a component of the oils derived from the rind through one of two extraction processes: Centrifungal Separation or Steam Distillation. 

D-Limonene is also colorless and has a very low toxicity, which is why it is safe cleaner to use around pets and children (AND adults!) D-Limonene is also used in various forms for medicinal purposes. (fancy that!) D-Limonene has replaced a lot of the cleaners that contain bleach, because it does not emit the harmful vapor.

It is known as a degreaser and deodorizer, so it naturally cleans and emits a citrusy fragrance. Plus, it can get rid of those old carpet stains, chewing gum residues, and other things found in your carpet, as well as cleaning hardwood flooring and tile! And you wonder why the Orange Guy is our mascot!

How to Maintain Your Carpet

If you are a homeowner who has recently spent hundreds of dollars on area rugs or carpeting, here are some great tips on making sure that these investments stay clean and “new.”

Tip #1: Avoid extreme UV ray exposure. One of the best things you can do is close the curtains and blinds when you leave your home, because sun exposure will not only fade the coloring, it will also start to break down the fibers, causing them to roughen and dry rot!

Tip #2: Remove your shoes when you step inside your home. Just because your shoes “seem” clean, doesn’t mean they are. There are millions of gross things you track in besides noticeable dirt!

Tip #3: Vacuum OFTEN! We recommend at least once a week (if not TWICE). This helps keep your carpets from matting or harboring excess dust and fibers.

What Lurks in Your Carpet?

Vacuuming and spot cleaning your carpet does what we call “surface clean.”
When you walk into the room, your first impression is that it [[LOOKS]] nice and clean! And perhaps it is… for a little while.
Here are the Top 5 Reasons we believe that you should deep clean your carpets EVERY 12-18 months.

  1. When carpets are properly cleaned and maintained, it improves air quality. Carpets trap dust and allergens every single day. If you suffer from allergies, it may be because the carpeting in your home needs professionally cleaned.
  2. New carpet can contain chemicals that can be emitted into the air. When you purchase carpet, just because it “smells” new, doesn’t mean that it is free of chemicals that can make you sick.
  3. Toxic substances can embed themselves in carpet, such as cigarette smoke. Just because you don’t “smell it” or you’re not inhaling it, doesn’t mean that it cannot harm you. Cigarette smoke produces toxins even after the smell is gone.
  4. Did you know that people will shed millions of “skin” flakes every hour? Think about that the next time you play in the floor with your kids.
  5. Viruses and bacteria can live in/on carpets for up to FOUR months.

If you’ve been suffering from year-round allergies or have chronic illnesses, or if you have pets and children, we highly recommend you try Citrusolution. The citrus solvent d-Limonene is extracted from the citrus peels of lemon, orange and grapefruit and is effective against soil & grease. We can use a microbial with the solution, and it will help alleviate allergy symptoms. Not only are you eliminating allergens, you’re killing the bacteria and harmful germs in your carpets!

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